December 5th – 7th

$36 000 + Tokens | Prize pool

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Michael Healy
Sacha Lansky
Albiona Hoti

Metaverse Championship

Hackathon Reimagined

Welcome to the Metaverse Championship, a hackathon unlike any other. Let’s bend the rules and embark on a three-day trip filled with learning, coding, networking, and fun! Become qualified to be invited to GamerLand (Budapest), where you and your team will be able to play and collaborate on actual projects. Don’t worry if you can’t enter! In the Kusamaverse, you can watch the occasion live online.

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Deadline Mode ON

Ecosystem Collaborators

We’re proud of the amazing collaborator team gathered for the Polkadot Metaverse Championship. This fantastic and diverse group will support and assist players and guests during the competition. Judges, mentors, speakers, and organizers from various ecosystems work together to make this experience unforgettable!

The Players

Developers around the globe joined the game to hack the Metaverse and grab the grand prize with their team. They’re ready to fight for victory and glory with their sharp mind, great project plans, and relentless coding. Cheer for your favorite team during the hackathon in the Kusamaverse LIVE and watch their journey to become the Metaverse Champions. Let’s meet the Players!

1 Hackathon

3 Days

3 Tracks

7 Ways to win

The Polkadot Metaverse Championship is a hackathon for the best! Secure your place in the limited player spots and prequalify as fast as possible! Get invited to GamerLand, attend in person, challenge yourself, and win the grand prize with your team.
Enter the metaverse and PLAY!

>> AGENDA <<

Day 1

December 5

Education & IceBreaker

The hackathon’s first day is for preparation, workshops, and the icebreaker event. After the Championship opening ceremony and then you can attend various seminars and speeches. During the afternoon, start to form your team on the networking event while you hack yourself out of escape rooms!


  • 09:00 | Arrival 
  • 09:00 | Breakfast 
  • 10:00 | Opening Ceremony
  • 10:30 | Workshops 
  • 12:30 | Lunch
  • 13:30 | Workshops
  • 18:00 | Leaving GamerLand
  • 19:00 | Team Building Games
  • 23:00 | End of Day 1

Workshops & Speeches

Day 2

December 6

Challenges & Coding

On the second day, the stakes go high as the coding begins! Start the day with team finalization and register your group members. The timer starts when the challenges get announced, and you have 24 hours to implement your project! The game isn’t just a test of your developer skills but a real challenge to your proficiency in project planning, time management, teamwork, and communication.


  • 09:00 | Arrival
  • 09:00 | Breakfast
  • 09:50 | Team Finalization
  • 10:00 | Challenges Announced
  • 10:30 | Polkadot Onboarding
  • 12:30 | Lunch 
  • 13:30 | Presentations
  • 19:00 | Dinner
  • 20:00 | Night coding

Workshops & Speeches

Day 3

December 7

Awards & Afterparty

At the finish line, teams introduce their projects after the intense coding! Get on stage and present your result to the judges and the attendees in person and in the Kusamaverse. While the judges decide, you can take a break before the closing ceremony. In the end, Quixotic brings the house down at the grand Afterparty!


  • 09:00 | Breakfast
  • 10:00 | Coding Ends
  • 10:30 | Team Presentations
  • 12:30 | Lunch
  • 14:00 | Team Presentations
  • 16:30 | Judging Starts
  • 20:00 | Dinner
  • 20:45 | Closing Ceremony
  • 20:45 | Announcement of Winners
  • 21:00 | Afterparty with Quixotic

Prize Pool

A grandiose hackathon needs a grandiose prize pool. You can win big bucks, experience a completely different hackathon, and have incredible opportunities! The 36k USD worth of DOT wasn’t enough, so our partners increased the pool with bonus tokens, and we couldn’t leave out some cool physical trophies from the line-up. It’s all waiting for you to win it!

Score high and be in the best three teams for the primary awards, win the community’s vote with presented value, or fight for the judges’ respect with your clever ideas for the special prizes. The grand 36k USD worth of DOT pool raised with more tokens by partners and topped with the trophies are worth the battle! Build your reputation in the community!


All of our partners add something unique to the event. Mentoring, speeches, workshops, educational material, NFT gallery, bonus tokens to the prize pool, media visibility, or the venues themself are all essential parts of the Championship. Without the value they bring, we couldn’t create this massive event. We are incredibly grateful for all the fantastic partnerships!


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where developers engage in rapid and collaborative engineering over a relatively short time. The goal is to create functioning software by the end of the event. There is a contest element too. The judges select the winning team, and the best projects are honored with prizes.

What are the Metaverse and Kusamaverse?

The metaverse is an immersive 3D virtual world focused on social connection. Kusamaverse is the metaverse of our partner, Momentum, who provide us with our own metaverse space for the Championship! We stream the event live there so remote attendees can join and follow us around the globe.

When and where is the event?

The Metaverse Championship is from the 5th to the 7th of December, 2022. Our physical venue is the fantastic GamerLand in Budapest, Hungary. It’s a hybrid event as we stream it live in Kusamaverse too! Join online in the metaverse if you can’t attend in person!

Can I attend remotely?

You can attend remotely in the Kusasmaverse and follow the event live! You can still learn plenty and develop your skills, but unfortunately, you can’t play remotely as a player.

How to enter as a player?

You can qualify to enter the game via the prequalification challenge. Find it here, solve it as fast as possible, and prove you’re among the best. Be quick because player spots are limited! Only the first 40 players get in!

What if I qualify as a player?

If you are one of the best and quickest solvers of the prequalification challenge, you get invited to GamerLand Budapest. You have the opportunity to attend in person, challenge yourself, and win the grand prize with your team! We notify you as you get in and send you the registration form.

Can I get financial aid to attend in person?

If you need financial help with expenses regarding the event, don’t be afraid to contact us. We’re glad to help you find a solution that fits your needs and provide support!

What if I don't get in as a player?

Don’t panic if you miss the chance! You can follow the event and participate in the Kusamaverse as a remote attendee. You can still learn plenty and develop your skills for the next Championship!